Thursday, 15 October 2015

KiwiSports Snag Golf, Christopher.

SNAG GOLF from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Hi everyone,

This morning at kiwi sports. Room 10 had our first lesson with golf. Our instructor was Hugh and he instructed the rules of what we were doing. While he was telling us the rule’s, we put ourselves into 10 groups of 3&4, and started our first activity. There was a prism shaped target that was numbered from 5 to 1 and we had to roll the ball and get it in the middle as the middle of the target was bullseye but he told us that we had to stand sidewards. So if I wrote with my left hand then I would of had to stand sideways to my left and then try roll the ball.

During the first activity we go stopped to practise the drop cover and hold routine. we do it every year so that we know what were doing if an earthquake hits the city. After the first activity we had to move the prism shaped target behind a hula hoop and roll the ball so that it stops in the the middle of the circle. When he blew the whistle to stop the second activity. He told us to put the two cones in front, lie them down and roll the ball so that it goes into one of the cone's.


Petra Lawrence said...

This is a really great description of the new Kiwi sport for Term 4 Christopher. It tells me clearly what you did during the lesson and some of the techniques you were taught. Thanks because I missed the lesson today.

How did you go at hitting the target? Did you get many points?

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